Central America

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The South-West Mayan ruins, small villages with cobbled streets and wild natural scenery...
The North Garifuna villages, beaches, seafood and the Bay Islands, diving paradises...
The South-East Off-the-track mix of charming villages and natural attractions near the capital...
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A dive in authenticity


Backpackers' Survey  Rate : 12.19 /20 Rank : 3 /5 
Passplanet's Survey  Rate : 15.56 /20 Rank : 4 /5


>> Description ? With its cobbled villages, national parks, huge waterfalls, colonial cities and local smiles, Honduras would offer a relaxed alternative to more popular Guatemala. Most people however come here for its busy Mayan ruins and diving opportunities. 

>> Why go there ? Sharpen your discovery of the Maya world with very delicate ruins / Become a certified diver at the cheapest  price in the whole area / Take it easy on a sandy beach / Snorkel among colorful fishes / Eat tons of free mango / Party all night among backpackers / Then get off the tourist-track and see no foreigner for a week / Trek national parks on your own

>> Drawbacks ? The safety issues and lack of smiles on the North coast / The backpacking crowd and lack of authenticity on Utila island  / The lack of Indian settlements and traditions / The cost to visit the attractions, when paying the "tourist" price / The possible whole-day rain on the north coast plus the heat & humidity in the lowlands / All those "not-yet-open" or "not-easy-to-access" parks

>> Cultural Highlights ? The delicate Maya ruins of Copan / The colonial sights & colorful markets in the cities / The laid back atmosphere of a Garifuna village / The carnival of La Ceiba (one week in May)

>> Natural Highlights ? Spotting a ray manta or whale shark around the Bay Islands / Spotting a quetzal in a national park / The 373 species of birds in Lago de Yojoa and the 43 meters high waterfall nearby / Kayak around the mangrove / Descend class III or IV rapids

>> How long ? One week for the islands and the dives. Another two or three weeks for the rest of the country. 

>> Budget ? Around US$10 per day if avoiding any luxury or the expensive islands. 

>> Visa ? Not necessary. 30 days on arrival for most westerners. Easily extendable. 

>> When to go ? Year-round, except on the north coast which can be overflooded by water between October & November (Hurricanes season). The islands and beaches' towns are also more expensive when overflooded by tourists (holidays and carnival times).