Honduras South-East


Global Mark : 12.40

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Charm Scenery Culture Tradition Market Relax Fiesta 


 4 2 2 4 3 3 2 2 11.00

Ratings by backpackers :

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5 100% 60%(3) 100% 10 to 16 13.80

Description :
A big, charming and relaxed town

Comments : It is difficult to believe from the peaceful atmosphere that this is the 4th largest city of Honduras with about 100,000 habitants. It makes a pleasant stopover to/from Nicaragua but do not expect too much from the colonial charm, especially if coming from Leon in Nicaragua...

What to do ? Admire the colonial center around the Parque central, one of the nicest in the country / Spot the lovely little garden of the municipal offices / Wander around the covered market / Enjoy the shade of the many trees / Get some US$ cash before your trip to Nicaragua (slightly better rate at the border however) / Buy pills & drugs : one pharmacia every 5 meters ! / Talk with the friendly locals / Watch a movie in one of the two cinemas (near the market, L10 or L15) / Possibly assist to a rodeo or a corrida (I spotted an arena on the way to Guasaule).

What you may not like ? Having actually little to do / The lack of good cheap hotel / The slightly more expensive fruits at the market / The heat and humidity / Not being able to buy or sell any cordoba (at the border only !)

How long ? Half an hour would be sufficient for the 'attractions' but it is pleasant enough for a day break.

Where to stay ? There are a few hospedaje by the market but they did not look like a safe bet. The other options are more expensive than usual. It does not harm therefore to ask for a discount...

  • Hotel Pierre (8820676), East of plaza on 6 Av / w. shower & cable TV 143(1) or 177(2) / Nice clean rooms but still overpriced.
  • Hotel Bonsai (8822648), continuing toward the plaza / Dbl 89, w. shower 99 / Go there for the cheapest prices if two / What you may not like : the rooms aren't nice as very basic and grungy. Bad quality-price ratio and not too friendly. 
  • Hotel Central (6088200), N-W of plaza / w. shower & cable TV 100(1) or 130(2) / Go there for the best deal in town as the setting and rooms are comfortable enough. 
  • Hotel Santa Rosa (9820355), W of market on Av Rosa / w. shower 80(1) or 120(2), w. TV 100 or 160 / Go there for the cheapest prices if alone and the hammocks around the tiny garden / What you may not like : the rooms lack good walls and are basic 

Where to eat ? Quite a few comedores & restaurants in town. Comedore Central, by the plaza, is a safe bet, reasonably cheap (L30 'tipico' cenar) and good. 

Internet ? A couple of places in town but unfortunately expensive at L1 per mn. Siga Computacion in Centro Commercial Rivera (near the market) is the best equipped. 

Change ? There are plenty of banks but only a couple will change TC. One of them is Bancomer by the football field. For US$ cash, go to friendly Bank Capital, by the plaza.

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Leaving ?
Buses to El Amatillo (El Salvador border) via San Lorenzo depart every 25mn from C. W. Williams, N of the market : L20, 2 hours. / To Guasaule (Nicaragua border) from near the Mercado Nuevo on 2C O : L12, 2 hours, every 20mn from 6:30 to 17 / To San Marcos de Colon (2 hours, every hour) also in the same area. From there regular collectivo taxi to El Espino Border, 10km away  / To Tegucigalpa, head for Mi Esperanza terminal, near the bus terminal : every hour, L29, 3 hours. / All the buses should pass the terminal

The trip to Guasaule (Nicaragua border) : SSS / L&R / L12 / 1.5 hours
It took me 15mn and a few queries to locate the bus station : you pass the cinemas, banco del pais and hotel Flamingo then turn right on 2C. There was no buses when I arrived at 6:45 but I was assured there would be one at 7am. In fact, three arrived within 5mn !
We left on time but then waited 15mn at the bus terminal, then another 15mn a few hundreds meters away. Then it took an hour to cover the 47km, nice but nothing special.

See also the trip from San Lorenzo