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No 1 : El Estor (the East)

Global : 15.53/20        Backpackers (9) : 17.56        Criteria : 13.50

Not everybody is stopping to this little village on its way to/from Peten but those who did usually consider it as one of their favorite place. The village itself is fairly charming, set between the lake and the mountains but it is the relaxed atmosphere and the natural attractions that strike the visitor's memory : the hot waterfall and the canyon are beautiful ways to spend a day or two... 


No 2 : Todos Santos (the Center)

Global : 15.45/20        Backpackers (20) : 14.90        Criteria : 16.00

At 2,470m, this isolated Mam village boosts alpine scenery and a unique culture that ranks high on any backpacker's itinerary. Tourists are showing up for its Saturday colorful markets or its November 1st fiesta & horse racing but the colors, music, weaving, smoke sauna or alcohol can be enjoyed year-round. Beside the people, there are a number of good walks around, including to the highest mountain peak in Central America. 


No 3 : Antigua (the South)

Global : 15.18/20        Backpackers (21) : 15.86        Criteria : 14.50

As one of the most charming colonial city of Central America, Antigua needs no presentation. Part of the UNESCO Heritage List since 1979, flanked by volcanoes - including active Pacaya - and conveniently located near Guatemala City, it is on everybody's list. During Santa Semana, half a million tourists are showing up for its world-famous processions on the narrow cobbled streets but visitors or Spanish student make the town & western restaurants busy year round... 


No 4 : Tikal (the North)

Global : 14.95/20        Backpackers (22) : 17.41        Criteria : 12.50

The archaeological jungle of Tikal is the jewel of Guatemala and it could justify a trip in itself.  This is the only place in the world that is both a UNESCO World Heritage site (since 1979) and a World Natural Reserve and it is indeed this combination that makes it such a unique experience. Some visitors come for the Maya ruins, others to watch the exotic birds flying over the canopy but all reckons that the place is magic !


No 5 : Lanquin (the Center)

Global : 14.88/20        Backpackers (20) : 16.75        Criteria : 13.00

This tiny isolated village is above all famous for the nearby natural attraction of Semuc Champney, a series of delightful pools and waterfalls. With its wild river tubing, large cave full of bats and great new finca-guesthouse, it is however in the process of becoming a major relaxed-spot for backpackers. 


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