The market days ?


It is always best to visit a village during its market day, sometimes the main attraction (M.A.). Not all the markets are however worth a special trip (S.T.).  The below table may help you organize your itinerary...

Locality From Days Comments M.A. S. T.
Solola Panajachel Tues & Frid Biggest Maya town near Panajachel yes yes
Chichicastenango na Thurs & Sund Most touristy. Best on Sunday. yes yes
Zunil Xela Mond On the way to the hot springs no no
Totonicapan Xela Tues & Sat A poor provincial capital yes no
Momostenango Xela Sund Center of wool production yes no
San Francisco el Elto Xela Frid The biggest market in Central America yes yes
Almolonga Xela Wed & Sat ? yes ?
Salcaja Xela Tues ? yes ?
Huehuetenango na Thurs & Sund In the unattractive part of town, near bus station no no
Todos Santos na Sat The market is not the best attraction no no
Aguacatan na Sund To be combined with Todos Santos yes yes
Nebaj na Thurs & Sund Nothing too special but other attractions no no
Cotzal Nebaj Wed & Sat ? yes ?
Chajul Nebaj Tues & Frid ? yes ?
Lanquin na Mond & Thurs Improved transportation to Semuc Champney no no