Guatemala's East


Description : A busy transit town 

Comments : There is little reason to stay here so most people just change bus.

What to do ? Change bus / Shop : it is rather big and there are lots of shops.  Buying films before more expensive Honduras would for example be a good idea / Change money / Spot a big ruined colonial church (on the edge of town) / Drink beer : some of the cheapest prices spotted (2 bottles for Q9) / 

What you may not like ? The place altogether

How long ? The time to get on another bus

Where to stay ? There is at least one good place to stay : Hotel Victoria (9422238), 2 C. 9-99 / Q30 p.p. with shower & cable TV

Where to eat ? Plenty of cheap comedores around the market

Bus Schedules ?

To Price Time Freq Hrs
El Florido 8 6am to 4:30pm hour 2
Esquipulas 8 day 15mn 1
Guatemala City 20 2am to 6pm 30mn 3.5
Puerto Barrios 20 day 30mn 3


The trip to El Florido (Copan Honduras border) : SSS / Right / Q8 / 2 hrs
I had been happy to learn that the trip would take an hour only, thanks to the new good paved road. I was sorry to realize that I had been misinformed : the bus was full of very local farmers who had come to Chiquimula for the market (Sunday) and were heading back to their very disseminated homes. Stopping all the time to let people get off, we never really started...
We reached the small village of Camotan (nice churches and some colorful traditional costumes) one hour after departure. Most of the passengers got off there so it took another 30mn to fill up the bus again. 
To add insult to injury, our driver was not really a certified one. Poor brakes ! Fortunately, the scenery was lovely, with good mountains panoramas.

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