Guatemala's South


Global Mark : 13.32

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Charm Scenery Culture Tradition Market Relax Fiesta 


 4 3 3 3 5 3 2 2 12.50

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22 86%(19) 68%(15) 91%(20) 10 to 18 14.14

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Description : The most famous and colorful market of Guatemala, 32km North of Panajachel.

Comments : Most people like it but a few wonder what the fuss is all about : "it is just a bigger market". Actually, on Sunday, religious celebrations and processions add to the market interest. 

What to do ? Show up early : after 9am, the tourist buses show up / Shop for souvenirs, with care / Visit the 16th century church of Santo Tomas and its syncretism atmosphere / Make colorful photos / Have a look at the museum

What you may not like ? The tourist crowd / The need to bargain real hard 

How long ? One morning

How to visit ? A few GH in town but prices are slighlty more expensive, in particular for the night before the market. Most people come therefore here as a day trip from Antigua or Panachanel. Travel agencies organizes trip for $4 one way or $7 return but you will save money (and arrive earlier) by doing it with public buses. 

Backpacker's Tips :  Rodrigo González Mera, Chile  (April 03)
« Hotels: Belén: go up stairs from the Plaza and turn right, good view from the balcony, Q65 for two with bath / Salvador: go upstairs two blocks from the Plaza, Q65 for two with bath, good view from the balcony, I staid here, in general clean / Restaurant: Nim-ja: in front of the Plaza, Q17 for a good dinner with a drink / Bus: To Chimaltenango:, 2 hrs, Q15, To Antigua: 45 min., Q2,5 / Near the Hotel Salvador, one block upstairs the Plaza and than turn left by a curve, is a craftsman who sell cheaper wood crafts (typical mascaras and others) / A good idea is to come the night before the market (Sunday and Thursday) and visit the colorful cemetery or climb to the hill where they make the religious celebrations » 


Leaving ? Buses to Qiche leaves every 30mn for Q2. From there, you have connections to Nebaj in Ixil Triangle via Sacapulas.

Onward to Antigua / Panajachel (Lago Atitlan)