Guatemala / Honduras


Description : A dusty road with a few administrative buildings and lots of money changers.

Comments : The procedure is pretty straightforward and relaxed as there aren't usually too many commuters.

What to do ? Get your passport stamped on the Guatemalan side and pay Q10 exit fee (I was not asked anything but I was lucky). There should not be any entrance fee / Get your passport stamped on the Honduras side : you should get 30 days (extendable) / Proceed to the custom to pay the US$1 Honduras entry fee (same exit tax) / Pay for the pick-up to Honduras (Q10 or L20) / Then, if Sunday, change some money with those pushy guys (L15 for 1 dollar or L1.9 for 1 quetzal)

What you may not like ? Reaching the border at the same time as a tourist bus / Changing too much money : rates are slightly poorer than at the banks in Copan / The fluctuating entry fee to Honduras : the rate varies from nothing (be discreet and try to skip the custom procedure) to US$5 / The lack of buses to Copan and any rain during your trip, as you stand at the back of the pick-up

How long ? 15 minutes if not busy

Where to stay ? You did not come to stay

Where to eat ? You did not come to eat

The trip to Copan / Honduras :  SSS / Right / Q10 or L20 / 30mn
It is expensive for such a short ride at the back of a pick-up but there was little choice and local people were paying the same. The road was dusty but the panorama toward the valley was lovely. 

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