Guatemala's Center


Global Mark : 13.50

Ratings by criteria : 

Charm Scenery Culture Tradition Market Relax Fiesta 


 3 3 1 4 4 4 1 4 12.00

Ratings by backpackers :

Surveyed Liked  Comeback  Recommend  Range AVER.
1 100% 100% 100% 15 15.00

Description :
A small charming town that fills up with colors on Sunday, market day

Comments : The market is the (good) attraction but you could also stop to experience the relaxed atmosphere, possibly without any other foreigner. 

What to do ? On market day, takes a lot of photos : the traditional costumes are beautiful ! / Wander around : it is fairly relaxed / Walk half an hour (direction East then follow the signs) to Nacimiento Rio San Juan, a fresh water source that has been turned into a refreshing natural swimming pool & picnic spot / Climb the mountain for a superb panorama / Come back to town via a different way (turn right from the source to emerge on 8a Av.) / Play pools (4a C., near 8a Av) / Play football (same street) / Swim (nice swimming pool opp. Esso Station, Q5 or free at the source) / Watch an action or Kung Fu video (4a. Av)

What you may not like ? Being the only foreigner in town ? / Showing too late for the market (people start packing back at noon) / The few rubbish in the natural pool / The tons of rubbish in the main street after the market / 

How long ? One day

Where to stay ? Two basic but acceptable places, Q15 per person, Q5 for HW

  • Hospedaje Aguateco, 5a Av. / Go there for the nice setting around some greenery and the view from the first floor / What you may not like : it is noisy during the day as this place is also a game center with video games and babyfoots
  • Hospedaje Nuevo Amanecer, 6a Av. / Go there for the larger beds and relative quietness / What you may not like : no view and no open-space

Where to eat ? A few restaurants, incl. Tony's a Mexican eatery. A few snack stalls around the plaza : fritos, corn, tacos, etc. A lot of comedores...

 << Discover the Sunday market

Leaving ?
There are plenty of buses to Huehuetenango (Q4, 1 hour, 6am to 4pm, every 30mn) but that's about it ! If you wish to go the other direction to Sacapulas or Nebaj, you will have to wait for the one or two buses coming from Huehue and usually showing early in the afternoon. Taking a pick-up in the morning to Sacapulas (Q8, 1 hour) is therefore what most people do. 

The trip to Sacapulas : SSSSS / Left / Q10 / 1h10 / Pick-up
With only one direct bus to Sacapulas or Nebaj at around 12:30am, the pick-up option sounded like a good idea. It is actually a good idea except that not too many pick-up agreed with it on that day : I waited for 1.5 hours at the intersection of 4 C. and 7 Av. And I was not alone....
At around 9am, we were enough people to interest a driver. That is, of course, if we would agree to pay Q10 instead of the usual Q6. We did agree. 
The trip was worth waiting for, with beautiful panoramas of the mountains and the river valley. Traveling by pick-up may be less comfortable than by bus but it offers much better viewing opportunities. It is also faster by about 20mn. 

See also the trip from Huehuetenango