Welcome to South-West China !


The Backpackers' favorite...

The Provinces ?  Guangdong / Hunan / Guangxi / Guizhou / Yunnan

Why go there ? Because it is China made easy.  Beside being within easy reach of other Asian countries, the South-West boast some of the best scenery of China, plenty of minorities, warm temperatures and cheap prices. It is also relatively easier to travel here due to the abundance of foreigners (Guizhou excepted)...

Drawback ? Not being alone to visit it (Guizhou excepted)...

How long ? You would need 3 months to see it all but one month should already be enough for a good tour...


Suggested itineraries :











KCR, 30mn
Shenzhen transit
L Bus, 2h
Guangzhou 1 to 2
 L Bus, 2h
N Boat, 11h 1
S Bus, 7h 1
Yangshuo 3 to 4
Bus, 1h15
Guilin transit
L Bus, 3h
Longsheng 2 Variations : Circular trip :
Bus, 3h
Sanjiang transit Sanjiang transit Sanjiang transit
Buses, 5h Bus, 6h N Train, 11h
Zhaoxing 2 Guilin transit Wulingyuan 2 to 4
Bus, 3h L Bus, 4h see below...
Liping transit Nanning 1
S Bus, 10h Bus
Kaili transit Beihai 2 or 3 Kaili transit
S Bus, 10h 1 Bus Bus
Guiyang 1 Nanning transit Around Kaili 3 to 5
Bus, 1.5h N Train Bus
Anshun Kunming Kaili transit
N Train, 11h 1

or via South Guangxi

N Train, 5h 1
Kunming 2 to 3 Huaihua transit
S Bus, 24h Train, 5h
Xishuangbanna 4 to 7 or South-East Yunnan Wulingyuan 2 to 4
S Bus, 28h N Train, 14h 1
Dali 2 to 3 Changsha transit
Bus, 3h Bus, 2.5h
Lijiang 3 to 5 Shaoshan 1
Bus, 2h Bus, 2.5h
Tiger L.G. 2 to 3 Changsha transit
Bus, 2.5h N Train, 10h 1
Zhongdian 1 to 2 Guangzhou transit
S Bus, 17h Bus 2h
Jinjiang transit Shenzhen
Train, 12h KCR 30mn

>> Cf. Center-West


   Total duration : 28 to 37 days


The itinerary on the left, personally tested,  is suitable for backpackers who wishes to visit China thoroughly. It links with the itinerary "Center-West China".  Please refer to each Locality for information & anecdotes for the following trip...

The variations in the middle are for those who do not wish or have the time to visit the wild Guizhou Province.

The itinerary on the right, also tested, is suitable for backpackers with limited time who wishes to be back in HK within 2 or 3 weeks. It is recommended to do this itinerary in reverse order, that is take the train from Guangzhou to Changsha and finish with Yangshuo, as this is how we did it : refer to each Locality for information & anecdotes...

We tried to make those itineraries as complete as possible. Other options & connections to shorten the trip are off course possible.  For example, you can go directly from Chengdu to Dali without going to Xishuangbanna.  Refer to each Locality  for more precise options for bus or boat.  Refer to each Province for the trains' schedules.

The following abbreviations are used :     L = luxury / N = night / S = sleeper (bus)

The numbers on the right of each locality column correspond to the recommended number of nights to spend in one place or on the move.