Guangxi Province's


Global Mark : 10.02

Ratings by criteria : 

Charm Scenery Parks Culture Minor. Market Relax Fiesta 


2 2 2 2 1 5 2 2



Ratings by backpackers :

Surveyed Liked  Comeback  Recommend Range AVER.
15 73%  (11) 13%  (2) 33%  (5) 3 to 15 10.71

Description :
A market town with the unusual snake repository

Comments : Another interesting stopover on your way to or from Yangshuo.

What to do : See plenty of snakes / Walk the market streets all day / Enjoy hotpot in the evening / Walk the small alleys North of the Sun Yatsen Park

What you may not like : The sight of animals in the market or at the repository / The non-sight of snakes if you arrive after a shipment

How long ? one day, waiting for your night transport to Yangshuo

Where to stay ?  

Reasonable  / Limited choice for cheapest

  • Gong Hui Hotel (202 6618), former "Triumphal Arch", Zhongshan Lu /Sgle 90/Dble 130

  • Bai Yun Hotel (202 1331), 5 Xinjiang Erlu /Sgle without bath 54 / Dble without air cond... 77 / Dble 113

  • Wuzhou Hotel (202 2193) /Nice Dble start at 112

  • Xinxi Hotel  /Basic & damp but acceptable room cost 20 or 30 Sgl and 50 or 60 Dbl

Triumphal Arch Hotel kaixuanmen dajiudian
Bai Yun Hotel baiyun
Wuzhou Hotel wuzhou dajiudian
Xinxi Hotel xinxi jiudian


Backpacker's Tips :  Tam Chiwai, HK (March 00)
« I found Wuzhou quite alright, not a bad place for stop over. I do like the market in here, many thing to eat, try the beef noodle soup with dry soya sheet and radish…yum..yum…, clay pot rice & all those steam pot with medicine and herb.
A very busy market town, you can walk along the waterfront for miles, come across many dry fish, shrimp, mushroom, fruits, donkey, dog…The most famous thing in Wu Zhou is bean curb & soya milk. Legend said they use the water from the ice water well which is locate inside the Zhong Shan park that made the tofu so smooth and soft,anyway, you will see a lot of bean product in the market, go for it.
For budget hotel, only one guest house will take foreigner at the moment. Jin Shan hotel???? RMB40/rm. Opposite to the bus station.
For E-mail, there is one next to the entrance to Zhong Shan park, you will see the big WINDOW logo at the front door, RMB15/hr.»

Bus Schedules :

To Price Type Duration Time Nb Freq.
Guilin 35/65 seat/sleep 8 7:00-21:30 15 hour
Yangshuo 30(?)/51 seat/sleep 7 7:00-21:30 15 idem
Nanning 70 to 80 sleep/luxe 7 6:30-22:30 14/4 hour
Zhaoqing 30 to 35 norm/luxe 2.5 6:30-17:00 12 hour
Guangzhou 55/80 sleep/luxe 4 7:00-23:30 12/6 hour
Shenzhen 150 luxe 6 9:00 1 na

Boat Schedules :

To Price Type Duration Time Nb Freq.
Zhaoqing 31/36 sleep/fast 9/3 17:00/13:00 1/1 na
Guangzhou 53/71 sleep/fast 14/5 17:00/13:00 1/1 na
HK 290 fast 7.5 8:00 1 odd day

The trip from Wuzhou to Yangshuo :
  Sleeper Bus / Night / Y51 / 7 hrs 

Another night on the move, this time on a sleeper bus. Arrive a bit earlier to check if you like your bed. The lower level, on some buses, allow a full stretching of the legs (if you measure less than 1.65) while the upper floor is bodily curved and therefore less comfortable. Provided you have your ear plugs and are quite tired, somebody will wake you up at around 4:30 to tell you that you have arrived and that you better hurry to get off the bus because they still have to reach Guilin. Once debarked on the pavement with your bag, either follow a tout to an hotel or, if you do not wish to pay one night for a few hours (ask the touts for the rules of the game), head for the river front where you will find convenient (and covered) planks of wood to finish your night (not recommended during snow storm...)

See also the trip from Zhaoqing to Wuzhou...