Guangxi Province's


Global Mark : 10.31

Ratings by criteria : 

Charm Scenery Parks Culture Minor. Market Relax Fiesta 


4 3 3 2 1 2 3 3



Ratings by backpackers :

Surveyed Liked  Comeback  Recommend Range AVER.
20 50%  (10) 20%  (4) 50%  (10) 5 to 20 10.85

Description :
The big, modern and expensive sister of Yangshuo

What to do : Walk around the lakes / Check out painters shops (but if you buy, bargain hard) / Climb peaks for panoramic view of this green town  / Visit caves

What you may not like : The general over charging policy / Some ridiculous entrance fees / Not having spent one more day cycling around Yangshuo

How long ? waiting for your transport out or after a visit to the train stations to reserve a sleeper...

Where to stay ?  

Hotels  << Get precise info, book online and save money !  >> Hostels 

Expensive /Limited choice /If you have to take an early flight or train, a few hotels at reasonable prices around the train station :

  • South Stream Hotel, opposite the train station, Small Sgle 60/ Big Sgle 100 / Dble 140

South Stream Hotel nanxi fandian

Hidden Hill Hotel

yinshan fandian

Jinggui Hotel

jinggui binguan

Backpacker's Tips : Oren, Israel (Oct 04)
A new Youth Hostel International just opened about 3 days ago. Opposite to the railway station at the Cheap price of 30 rmb you get a dorm (6 beds) with attached bath, TV, Air Conditioner and Internet access (5 rmb, much too expensive. go along Shanghai Rd, and you'll see just before the bridge to your left an Internet Cafe for 1.5 rmb/hr). there's also a laundrete, 10 rmb.

Backpacker's Tips :   Stef Derluyn, Belgium (April 04)
Guilin: stayed at the Golden Swan hotel (Tian E Binguan ) for 200 rmb pp, new3 star hotel. Guilin became a very nice, clean, green, modern city! Try to visit Binjiang Lu early in the morning to see the Guilin folks dancing!!
Guilin-Yangshuo: ask specifically for a zhida bus, meaning a direct one, takes you deluxe in 1hr20min to yangshuo. Do only take a bus leaving at the bus station, not a bus leaving at the train station, because those buses have frequent stops.

Bus Schedules :

To Price Type Duration Time Nb Freq.
Yangshuo 7.5 minibus 1h15 5:30-20:00 ++ when full 
Nanning 90 luxe 3 to 5 8:00-23:30 15 hour
Liuzhou 40 luxe 2h20 7:00-20:30 ++ 20mn
Beihai 138 luxe 7 21 1 na
Longsheng 15 luxe 3 7:40-18:20 8 hour
Sanjiang 17 ordi 5 6:00-16:00 8 hour
Wuzhou 70 luxe 8 8:20 1 na
Guangzhou 100 sleep 13 15:00-18:40 15 na

Notes : For Yangshuo, also bus to Lipu from South Station / For Liuzhou, every 20mn from 8 to 17 only

Trains  << Click there

The trip from Guilin to Longsheng :
  Luxury Bus / SSSS / R / Y15 / 3 hrs

After your 15 minutes' walk between the bus stations in Guilin (now you can say you have visited it), board a semi-medium sized-bus for the beautiful North Guanxi. Inside, you can practice your karaoke skill, watch a movie, enjoy the scenery (especially good in the mountainous part, but only on the right side) or try to be in control of your stomach  as you discover that reading subtitles are not such a good idea on a continuously curling road... If you are not found of luxury and Chinese movies ordinary buses also leave frequently from the South Station for 10Y. Note : the road was being improved in 2000. The travel time shall be shortened as soon as ready (expected 2001).

The trip to YangshuoBus / SSSS / L / Y5 / 1h30 

Arriving from Longsheng by an ordinary bus, you should find yourself in Guilin South Station. Buses to Lipu all go via Yangshuo : they are a bit slower as they pick up passengers on the way but they leave on schedule every 15mn and do not try to overcharge passengers as do the minibus next to the train station... Note (june 02) : the cost is now Y7.5