Hubei Province's


Global Mark : 9.44


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Charm Scener. Parks Culture Minor. Market Relax Fiesta 


2 3 3 3 1 2 2 3



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Description :
A huge conglomerate of three cities (Wuchang, Hankou & Hanyang) which fortunately offers a few green or cultural escapes

Comments : Wuhan is more to be considered as a transit place after a Yangzi River cruise than a backpackers' paradise.

What to do : Have a look at the Yangzi River from the massive bridge or by using a ferry between Hankou and Wuchang / From Zhonghua Lu Ferry Pier in Wuchang, take bus No14 and get off near Mao Zedong's Villa / Continue to the interesting Hubei Provincial Museum (8:30 to noon & 2 to 4pm) and become an archeologist / Make a retreat at the nice East Lake Park (possible to swim)  /  In the evening, test one of the new discos

What you may not like : The size of the place / The lack of cheap central accommodations / Having to go through

How long ? one day

Backpacker's Tips : Yves Mestric, France (July 02)
Guiyan Si entry Y10

Where to stay ?

Hotels  << Get precise info, book online and save money !

The universities offer the cheapest accommodations but are quite remote, on the east of Wuchang. 

Far more central, the Marine Hotel (804 3395), near the Wuchang Railway Station, has rooms for around Y120. 

How to arrive & leave ?  

Trains  << Click there

Coming from Yichang by bus, you should arrive at the Wuchang Long-Distance Bus Station. There, you should find buses to Jiujiang (5 hrs) or Nanchang (7 hrs), from where you can organize a trip to Lushan.

Sleeper trains are available to Zhengzhou or Beijing in the North,Xi'an in the North-West,  Guangzhou or Shenzhen in the South or Guilin in the South-East. Frequent trains also go to Changsha during the day.

For destinations to the East, bus would be faster. 

Backpacker's Tips : Anonymous (Oct 01)
If you want to go to Chengdu, you can do the following : take a luxury bus (Y120) or minivan to Yichang (Y70). There, buy an hydrofoil ticket (Y380) to Chongqing and go visit the dam. The hydrofoil leaves at 7am and you will arrive 12 hours later. This means that you will unfortunately have to spend the night in Yichang and maybe also in Chongqing...