Jiangsu Province's

by Xavier Ruste, France (Feb 02)

Global Mark : 14.72

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Charm Scenery Parks Culture Minor. Market Relax Fiesta 


5 4 2 4 1 4 5 1



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Description & comments ?
Big village built on water. The main touristy city built on water in the area is ZhouZhuang but it is said that Tongli is more authentic because there aren't as many tourists. ZhouZhuang is very often overcrowded because it is better renovated, it is on the World cultural heritage list too... See both ! These places give you an idea of what the old Suzhou once was. Nice antiques and food market. Very peaceful place (except he main street and its markets). I was there during the October holydays and it was not very crowded, which is not the case in Suzhou or ZhouZhuang at that time.

What to do ? Walk in the small streets, can take the boat through the village

What you may not like ? Canals are not very clean / Some Chinese tourist coaches sometimes as the place becomes more and more famous

Where to eat ? Many small cheap Chinese restaurants

See also the trip from Suzhou

Backpacker's Tips : Praveen Kumar, India (Feb 05)
ę Tongli is indeed heaven on earth! The places are beautiful and the evening walk is the best thing to do. There is a hotel called SanLianYuan which charges about 140 Rmb per night and its pretty decent for 140 Rmb. Off peak season it might be lesser. There are some resorts too which might be little more expensive. There is also a Tourist hotel when you enter Tongli Town and walk for about 5 minutes.
The tickets cost 80 Rmb for a bunch of many attractions or individual attractions cost 10 or 15 rmb. Ticket to enter the ancient town costs 25 Rmb. After 6 pm entering Ancient town is free. A boat ride costs 60 rmb irrespective of the number of people. So if you are in a group take a boat to see around. Its pretty small town and everything can be covered by walking. No need for the boat at all!
Luo Xing Islet costs 10 Rmb fee including the ferry fee. Itís a good place to visit in Tongli. Some museums and convention halls are good to see too.
People are extremely friendly and there is not traffic or much air pollution like Suzhou. You can enjoy a lovely dinner sitting by the canal watching some boat pass by while the small restaurant cooks some nice Suzhou food.
Tongli is peaceful, serene, calm, quiet and a MUST SEE!!
There is a Sex Museum, which costs 20 yuan but itís just so-so.