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Global Mark : 11.86

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Charm Scenery Parks Culture Minor. Market Relax Fiesta 


3 4 1 4 1 1 3 2



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10 90%  (9) 60%  (6) 90%  (9) 8 to 20 14.40

Description :
The most popular sacred mountain of China where you see a lot of people, a lot of souvenir vendors and experience a lot of stairs

Comments : Mount Taishan joined the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1987.  It is certainly very touristy but it remains a rewarding experience by clear weather.  

What to do : Prepare yourself psychologically to the ascent while visiting the Dai Temple in Tai'an / Do not prepare yourself too long as it takes around 3 hrs to go up and 2 hrs to go down by the central route, less if you cheat (minibus to halfway then cable car for 40Y up), more to take it easy and visit the temples & other sights on the way /  If you are very courageous, climb at night to try to experience the sunrise  (the way is lit by lights) / Once at the top, watch a panoramic movie or, more enjoyable, visit the temples and admire the view while resting your legs / If you wish, go down via another way (and cable car) to Taohuayuan from where you have buses back to Taishan

What you may not like : The overpriced accommodations & food at the summit / The business, all the way / The cold at the top (above 15C only in June to August) / The noise of the Chinese tourists, doing karaoke or not  / The capricious weather (best time autumn, then spring) / The entry fee (30Y) / The traffic jams on the stairs and huge queue at the cable car during WE / The stairs ! / Not being as strong as the food & drinks carriers /

How long ? From one day if you are in a hurry and arrive early from Qufu to three days if you wish to take it easy on foot and explore the area.

 << Discover plenty of stairs...

Where to stay ?

Hotels  << Get precise info, book online and save money !

In Tai'an, the Taishan Hotel (822 4678) is perfectly located on Hongmen Lu and offers dorm beds and a luggage room. Take bus No3 from the Train Station.

Near the Train Station on Dongyue Dajie, Liangmao Dasha (822 8212) is also a good choice with its cheaper beds and rooms. The Longtan Hotel is nearby on the same road.

How to come & leave ?  

Trains  << Click there

Bus to/from Qufu  (2 hrs), sleeper train to/from Qingdao or Beijing.