Shanghai Municipality's


Global Mark : 12.26

Ratings by criteria : 

Charm Scenery Parks Culture Minor. Market Relax Fiesta 


4 2 3 4 2 4 1 5



Ratings by backpackers :

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23 78%  (18) 61%  (14) 65%  (15) 1 to 20 12.96

Description :
The economic & dynamic capital of China, where the East adopt & readapt the West.

Comments : Formerly known as The Whore of the East, Shanghai remains famous for its excesses, modernism and disparities. The whole place is a construction site and you come here less for the attractions than to feel the raging pulse of the city.

What to do ?  If you arrive by train, walk to the (white) Jade Buddha Temple / From there, take bus No19 to near the river & Pujiang Hotel / Walk the famous Bund, passing by the notorious Huangpu Park (formerly forbidden to dogs & Chinese) / Take a ferry to Pudong and come back / Walk to the superb (but busy) Yuyuan Garden / Get lost in the bazaar / Continue toward the shopping Mecca of Huaihai Lu and Frenchtown, making a side trip to have a look at the Site of First National Congress of the CPP and visit the Former Residence of Sun Yatsen / Take the subway to Renmin Square Station, exit and walk the park & the square toward the superb new museum (9am to 5pm, 20Y) / If you stay in Shanghai, go back to the Bund via Nanjing Lu / If you take the train, return to the subway / 

What you may not like : The fast disappearance of the old buildings to make room for new shopping complex / The anarchy of the bus system / The very busy streets / The lack of interest of the locals beside making & spending money /

How long ? One or two days

Warning :  In shanghai, in particular around Nanjing Lu, be very careful with young friendly strangers approaching you under the pretext of "practicing English" or just "make friend". Some will then suggest to go to a nice bar / restaurant and will start ordering food, drinks and maybe even girls.  Be ready for a shock when the bill will arrive : a few thousands yuan has been reported... 

Backpacker's Tips : Yves Mestric, France (July 02)
« Jade Buddha Temple, entry Y10 + Y5 to see the Buddha / Yu Yuan Shagcheng, entry Y25 »


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Where to stay ?

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Very easy to choose where to stay in Shanghai as there is only one reported budget guesthouse : Pujiang Hotel (6324 6388, fax 6324 3179), very conveniently located North of the Bund, 15 Huangpu Lu. A bed in a 12 beds' dorm with attached  bath cost only 55Y, while a bed in a quad cost 77Y. Dbl Y300. What is more, this place has got charm (old Victorian building). 

Backpacker's Tips :  Carlos Xavier (Dec 04)
I travel trhoughout China twice this year and there is some data that I do believe that can be useful to other backpackers. To begin with I found quite difficult and expensive to find accommodation in this city, mainly because I arrived late at night and every single backpacker know that is a "deadly sin". In fact, hotel clerks have a tendency to inflate prices during the evenings specially when someone arrive with a backpack and look exhausted. I tried first the YMCA hotel, which is stated in the lonely planet as having good prices, and the clerk asked me an indecent price to a single room saying that there weren´t any dorm beds available that evening . After that I took a taxi and tried Pujiang hotel, where I paid 100Y for a dorm bed cause I was told that the only single room available cost 400 Y. Well I was looking for a single room cause I do travel alone and I usually bring with me a very expensive professional Photograph camera. So, a single without windows and with a good lock is by experience the best place to leave the expensive goods alone at night which allow me to explore the surroundings without being a target.

So, I tried in the following morning to find a cheap single room in Shanghai but soon I realised that my efforts were in vain. Owing to that I decided to return to Pujiang hotel and leave Shanghai and head to another place in the surroundings. When I arrived at the hotel I was welcomed by a smilling female receptionist who feeling sorry for my situation whispered to me that at the corner was an hotel where I could find a single room for less than 100 Y. I couldn´t believe what I was told, just at the corner!!!! I went immediately there and I got a double room with AC and window for 100 Y.The only problem is that they don´t have laundry service and they can barely speak English but they do have a note book with all the necessary sentences to book a room. I can´t remember the name of the hotel but to go there it´s easy: if a backpacker is standing on the Pujiang hotel stairs facing the hotel entrance (will have Waibadu bridge and further the bund area somewhere behind him), the only thing he/she needs to do is turn lef and walk arround the (left ) corner at the hotel and carry on in the sidewalk until almost the end of the side walk ( there is more or less 30 meters) there on his right side will find an entrance to a hall.There is a quite high desk on the right.If I do remember correctly the name of the street is Changzhi lu.

Regarding shopping there is a place where I was brought to by a "friendly" local and where it is possible to by pearls at a cheap price. The name of the place is "Pearl exhibition" and is placed in the 2ndf floor of a buildin 10 meters away from the Starbucks Coffee in the Yu Yuan Garden Area. Well I used the old tryck of letting me being brought there by a local and after bargain but not buying. Doing so I do know the real price cause after bargain a little bit I arrive at a price that I feel that the salesman can´t go further down because the commission of my new "friend". So I usually say that I can´t afford the price leave the place and pay and icecream or something else to my"good friend" and leave him. Afterwards, I comeback to the place and this time offering 10% less than the price that a had bargained. This trick has worked all the times and I usually get a very good price. I saw americans paying five times more than I was paying. I learn this trick after being ripped off time after time during a two month stay in Egypt. I learned my lesson.

Backpacker's Tips : Aline, France (May 02)
« I confirm that the Captain Hostel is a very nice place, clean, tidy, well located. Phone number is 00 86 21 - 63 23 50 53, Address 37 Fuzhou Lu close to the Bund and also close to a nice French Restaurant, Le Petit Philippe Bistrot (but dinners there are much more expensive than the 50 RMB you will pay for a bed at the Captain Hostel !) »

Backpacker's Tips : Katie Hoare, UK (Dec 01)
« The Pujiang is no longer the only/best option in Shanghai - over Christmas I stayed in both the Pujiang and in the newly-opened Captain Hostel. The Captain Hostel is on Fuzhou Lu just off the bund (a couple of blocks down from Nanjing Lu) and there's a big sign outside saying 'hostel'. Its a plush hotel but also has dorm beds on the top floor for 50RMB per night. Everything is very new and very clean, the staff are very helpful and the whole place is done on a ship theme - meaning the beds have portholes and the tables have sand in! Really first class. Ten times better than the Pujiang, but of course you don't get the 200-new-western-friends like you do in the Pujiang. »

Internet ?
  One service was reported in the basement of the new Shanghai Library at 1555 Huaihai Dong Road for Y9 an hour

Backpacker's Tips : Alistair Wright, UK (Feb 04)
« Puto Shan has some beautiful areas to see and fabulous temples. But it is expensive for food and accomodation. The cheapest accomodation is 100 yuan per night per person. All the cheapest places have closed down. It is busy most of the time even in the winter, but especially around the Chinese New
Year and Spring Festival, when its not worth going. Stay for a maximum of 2 days and don't eat too much as it is expensive. Any longer than 2 days and you will be bored sense less. There are some nice walks, but cut it short rather than long, spend the extra time Nanjing, (north-west of Shanghai) which is great. »

Backpacker's Tips : Lynn L.L.Y (July 02)
« The service at the Library is Y4 per hour and not Y9. There is another one that is at 549 Beijing Xi Lu ( Beijing west road) charging at y4 per hour as well. »

Backpacker's Tips : Anonymous (Oct 01)
« The island of Putuoshan is very crowded during summer but it is very quiet and cheap in winter. The overnight ferry cost around Y90 for a 8 people cabin »

How to leave ?  

Going to Suzhou or Nanjing, the train is faster as the roads are rather busy. Some schedules in the morning include:

No   5046/5047 K802 2526/2527 5064 T702/705 K818/819 T714 5068 T722
Shanghai 0 0404 0600 0636 0643 0700 0743 0800 0828 0900
Suzhou 84 0459 0658 0753 0800 n 0852 n 0932 n
Nanjing 303 0856 n 1129 n 0957 1213 1048 n 1147

Going to Putuoshan, the 5pm daily slow boat (12 hours) help save on accomodation but there is also a much faster one.

You can also take the boat to Hong Kong (leave on the 10th, 20th and 30th of the month, ticket from around 1000Y, 68 hours), Xiamen, Qingdao, Osaka or Yokohama in Japan (twice a month) or all the destinations along the Yangzi River to Chongqing.