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Global Mark : 13.52

Ratings by criteria : 

Charm Scenery Parks Culture Minor. Market Relax Fiesta 


5 3 4 3 1 2 4 4



Ratings by backpackers :

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5 100%  (5) 100%  (5) 100%  (5) 12 to 17 14.60

Description :
A relaxing & charming Bavarian beach resort described by the Chinese as China's Switzerland

Comments : If you need another argument to visit, Qingdao is also where the best beer of China is manufactured and cost the less...

What to do : Wear swimsuit at least and lye down ! / Getting finally up, check various examples of German architecture around town, in particular the spectacular Huashilou villa (5Y) / Walk the nice parks, usually up & down / If you speak Chinese, call the brewery to try to arrange a tour & free degustations / If it did not work out, come back in August for the beer festival...

What you may not like : The not perfectly clean water / The entrance fees to the beach / Not being in Thailand / Getting drunk / The cost of accommodations /

How long ? Two days are a minimum !


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Where to stay ?

Hotels  << Get precise info, book online and save money !

The trade fair during the second and third weeks of July is a bad time to look for cheap rooms.

A few places in town have dorm beds for around 40Y. Those include the Railway Hotel (286 9963) or the Jinhai Hotel (288 7788) near the train Station. Other budget hotels can be found near the Passenger Ferry Terminal, Bus No8 from the train station  : the Friendship Hotel (282 8165) or Peace Hotel (283 0154)

How to leave ?  

Trains  << Click there

Trains to Beijing or Taishan, there is a boat service to Shanghai (every even days, 26 hrs, from around 60Y) or Inch'on in South Korea (Mond & Thurs, 20 hrs, around 1000Y)