Jiangxi Province's


Global Mark : 11.89

Ratings by criteria : 

Charm Scenery Parks Culture Minor. Market Relax Fiesta 


5 4 1 3 1 2 3 2



Ratings by backpackers :

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1 100%  (1) 100%  (1) 100%  (1) 14 14.00

Description :
A Swiss resort in one of the most beautiful Chinese mountain and a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1996

Comments : If it was not for the Chinese tourists, you would believe that you are in Switzerland. Try to enjoy !

What to do : Walk around, if possible away from the crowd... / Try to distinguish the valley between the fog / Visit Chiang Kaishek summer villa / Buy ugly souvenirs / Check the botanical garden / Tour the lake / Pass colonial buildings / Pose for Chinese photographs / See pictures of Mao at the Museum or the People's Hall / Follow the crowd to a Temple with three 500 years' old trees /

What you may not like : The cost during summer / Arriving here quite late in summer during WE / Sleeping outside as a consequence / Getting really cold as a consequence (therefore not recommended) / The lack of serenity on some of the trails as you are definitively not alone / The vehicles on the main road / Off season, the usual bitter cold and heavy fog / The entry fee to the area (50Y) / The other fees to the attractions /

How long ? Considering the cost, unfortunately one night only.


 << Discover a Bavarian aspect of China...

Where to stay ?

Hotels  << Get precise info, book online and save money !

Relatively cheap accommodations exist only during the off season from October to May. Prices start at around Y50.

During summer, prices reach the sky.  If you arrive early on a week day, you could check the Guling Hotel, near the Bank. Expect to pay at least 100Y.

If you find really nothing for your budget, you could spend the day in Lushan and leave in the late afternoon for Jiujiang where you can find a bed at the Yangzi Jiang Hotel on Dazhong Lu from Y20 to Y60. Note however that this place is no paradise, that it is the only cheap place to stay in Jiujiang and that Jiujiang itself lack interest.

How to come & leave ?

During summer, buses connect Lushan with Nanchang (2.5 hrs) and Jiujiang (1.5 hrs). Off season, from November to late March, connection to Nanchang is more problematic.

As touts will remind you every two minutes in Jiujiang, daily tour to Lushan for around Y100 (not cheap !) are also available...