Welcome to East Coast China !


Important Note : Contrary to the other Zones, this section is not complete as I did not visit it recently. The latest practical information are missing. Help me include them...

Modern cities with a past...

The Provinces ?  Fujian / Jiangxi / Anhui / Zhejiang / Shanghai / Jiangsu / Shandong

Why go there ? Because developed China contains localities of great historical values as well as some of the best parks and mountains scenery of the country.

Drawback ? The high cost of accommodations

How long ?  Around three weeks from South to North or the reverse...


Suggested itineraries :

From Itin. South-West

From Itin. Center-West

Guangzhou 1 to 2 Variations : Yangzi River
S Bus, 14h Boat, 2 days
Xiamen 1 to 2 Xiamen Yichang transit
Train, 29h 1 Train, 22h30 Bus, 4h
Nanchang 1 Huangshan Wuhan 1
 Bus, 2.5h  Bus, 5h
Lushan 1 to 2 Jiujiang transit
Bus, 1.5h Bus, 2h
Jiujiang transit Lushan
Bus, 4.5h
Jingdezhen 1 to 2

Also possible to connect with Hunan Province from Yichang or from Wuhan (train or bus to Changsha)

Bus, 3h
Huangshan 2 to 3
Hangzhou 1 to 2 Hangzhou

>> Cf.. South-West

Bus N Boat, 13h
Shaoxing 1 to 2 Suzhou

Also possible to go back to Guangzhou or Shenzhen from Wuhan (see trains schedules)

L Bus, 1.5h
Ningbo transit

>> Cf.. South-West

Putuoshan 1 to 2


N Boat 1

Also possible to connect with Henan Province from Wuhan (see trains schedules)

Shanghai 1 to 2
Train, 1h
Suzhou 1 to 2 >> Cf. Center-North
Train, 3h30
Nanjing 1 to 2 Nanjing
N Train, 8h 1 N Train, 9h
Qufu 1 to 2 Kaifeng >> Cf. Center-North
Bus, 2h
Taishan 2 to 3
N Train, 7h 1
Qingdao 2 to 3
NTrain,13h30 1
Beijing >> Cf. Center-North

  Total duration : 23 to 37 days


The itinerary on the left, personally tested only in part and some time ago,  is suitable for backpackers who wishes to visit China thoroughly. It connects with the itineraries "South-West",  "Center-West" and "Center-North".  Please refer to each Locality for more information, when available. 

We tried to make those itineraries as complete as possible. Other options & connections to shorten the trip are off course possible.  Refer to each Province for the appropriate trains' schedules.

The following abbreviations are used :     L = luxury / N = night / S = sleeper (bus)

The numbers on the right of each locality column correspond to the recommended number of nights to spend in one place or on the move.