Jiangxi Province's



Description : Called "the poor person's Beijing" Nanchang is indeed a province capital with little attractions. It has got some charm instead...

Comments : There is no reason to come here but there is sometimes no choice as Nanchang is a major transport hub. Anyway, you could be stuck in a much worse place.

What to do : Buy a train or bus ticket / Go see the only real sight : the huge Tengwang Pavilion on the bank of the Gan River (Y20, Exp) / From there, walk toward the town center, the shopping mall, parks and monuments dedicated to the glory of communism /Meet friendly locals /     

What you may not like : Having to stop here / The difficulty to get a sleeper train ticket for some destinations (be patient & stubborn) /Meet too friendly locals girls around the train station / 

How long ? Waiting for your transport out

Where to stay ?  Somewhere else if possible. 

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How to leave ?

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The long distance bus station is on Bayi Dadao, 1.5km from the train station. However, private buses should also operates opposite the train station.    Destinations include Jiujiang (1.5 hrs, regularly), Lushan (2.5 hrs, a few in season) and Jingdezhen (6.5 hrs)  from where it is possible to continue to Huangshan

Convenient sleeper trains include  Hangzhou, Xiamen or  Guangzhou.