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Welcome to China ! 


Considering the size of China, you may wish or have to concentrate your trip on one area or group of provinces only. We have therefore divided the information in four different geographical parts. The schema is as follows :

Zones >>> Provinces >>> Localities

Precise Itineraries  within the zone



>> Trains schedules



Practical information


The Zones are the followings :

The Provinces : Guangdong / Hunan / Guangxi / Guizhou / Yunnan

Why go there ? Because it is China made easy.  Beside being within easy reach of other Asian countries, the South-West boast some of the best scenery of China, plenty of minorities, warm temperatures and cheap prices. It is also relatively easier to travel here due to the abundance of foreigners (Guizhou excepted)...

Drawback ? Not being alone to visit it (Guizhou excepted)...

How long ? You would need 3 months to see it all but one month should already be enough for a good tour...


The Provinces Sichuan / Gansu / Qinghai / Xinjiang

Why go there ? Because this area boost some of the wildest and most original scenery of China, associated with colorful Tibetan or Muslim culture.  This route is becoming quite popular with travelers but for the moment retains its authenticity.

Drawback ? Having to be patient with some transport from one point to another

How long ? Avoiding the extreme localities, count on around one month


The Provinces Shaanxi / Ningxia / Inner Mongolia / Beijing / Shanxi / Henan

Why go there ? Because the most impressive cultural relics and monuments of China are on display here...

Drawback ? Seeing more tourists than backpackers (or seeing nobody...)

How long ? Three weeks for a good circular tour...


The Provinces Fujian / Jiangxi / Anhui / Zhejiang / Shanghai / Jiangsu / Shandong

Why go there ? Because developed China contains localities of great historical values as well as some of the best parks and mountains scenery of the country.

Drawback ? The high cost of accommodations

How long ?  Around three weeks from South to North or the reverse...