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Description :
A small Tibetan village with 2 Lamaseries (and an original Mosque) nestled in a beautiful mountainous valley

Comments : This place is Tibet made easy so, if you can not go to the real place, enjoy !

What to do : Walk the town along the river / Visit the colorful temples / Shake hands with smiling kids / "Rock'n roll" with the Tibetan at the local disco / Become Buddhist / Do horse trekking to Hot spring, holy cave and grassland (prices to be confirmed)

What you may not like : The beggars / The staring locals / Waiting for the bus at the intersection

How long ? 1 day is enough for the village's sights but the surroundings might be worth a few more.

Where to stay ?

  • Langmusi Guesthouse, on the right of the Langmusi Hotel, a gate gives access to a small courtyard, the guesthouse is on the right inside / Dorm 14 (3 or 4) / Acceptable toilets outside / Basic shower / HW on request / English spoken / Go there to avoid the crowd and the noise of the Langmusi Hotel, the excellent quality-price, the friendly management

  • The Langmusi Hotel / Dorm 25 (3) / Sgl occupancy around 40 / Individual Shower / "Chinese style" toilets / HW evening / English spoken / Go there for the nice clean rooms, the friendly manager / What you may not like : the intrusion of kids or monks in your room, the cool hot water, the room that become more expensive with the arrival of travelers, the noise when the place is packed

  • The Dachang Langmusi Chi Shi Yuan Hotel / Dorm 10 (3) or even cheaper / Sgl occupancy also quoted at 10 ! / No shower / HW evening / Go there for the best price in town / What you may not like : the not so clean room, the building in front of a truck parking, the loneliness as the place has a (deserved ?) bad reputation

Backpacker's Tips : Bill  (September 06)
  In Langmusi, we stayed at a newer guesthouse across the street from Lesha's, and up the street slightly. Very gracious inn-keeper, clean very new looking rooms, hot water. Affordable. Lost the card though.

Backpacker's Tips : Mikaela & Charlie, Australia (Oct 04)
We stayed a week and it was definitely one of the highlights of our 6 months in China. Accomodation: Langmusi Hotel offers freezing cold, damp rooms with hip-dislocating hard beds and unreliable hot showers in the evenings. What's more, the owners will have no hesitation in kicking you out of your room if they receive a big tour group booking, offering the only alternative of paying double for your room. Don't despair, there are many alternatives in this little town, with more popping up like mushrooms. One extremely clean and friendly alternative is the Sana Hotel in the main street, cost, 20 yuan per person and has very clean communal toilets and showers with reliably hot water in the evenings.
Food - Leisha's, now situated in the main street, offers huge servings of greasy delicious food and fantastic apple pie in a warm, cosy environment. They also are probably the best people to ask about travel information.
We recommend you pack a lunch and walk upstream through the beautiful valley of the Sichuan monastery to the source of the spring and beyond into the beautiful mountains.

Backpacker's Tips :   David Bowen, Wales (May 04)
Horse trekking is now availible here from the enterprising guy at Langmusi Hotel. Cost from 100 per day for one person. More people = lower price.
Try the monastary hotel (20rmb dorm) rather than Langmusi Hotel(15 V basic dorm 25rmb 2bed room). The latter lacks heating in winter and sporadic
Big tony in Lesha's cafe is a great source of information on Getting away from the town. Buses are sporadic if it is raining due to a huge road building project. Allow a few "emergency" days in \case you are stuck here
The sky burial is a moral issue for yourself to consider - would you feel happy if a tourist came to watch your mother being buried, cremated, eaten by birds? Like I say that one is up to you - an entry fee (20rmb is now required!!)
Internet is now availible (3rmb/hour) ask in Leshas for directions.
Bus to Hezou 20rmb(6 hours). Bus to Zoige 30rmb (6hours) Insurance not checked.
Nearest PSB for visa: Hezhou (after July 2004) allow enough time to get to Lanzou(2days) or Chengdu (3 days) to be safe.
The town is gearing up for mass influx of tourism when the road is completed in 2005. The charm of the place will be lost so visit sooner rather than later. It will be possible to drive from Lanzou to Langmusi in less than 8 hours

It will be possible to get visa extensins at Hezuo after july this year. The PSB is currently waiting for a new computer(??!!) to print the new style visa slips.

Backpacker's Tips : Wang Xiaocong, China (September 03)
  In Langmusi there are three major places to stay: Both Langmusi Hotel and the White Dragon Hotel (the former Langmusi Guesthouse venue, but the proprietor is different) offer basic dorm accommodation only for Y15 per bed, and the best facility is found at Rinchin Hotel, a new construction located near the monastery on the Sichuan side of the town (Dorm Y20 per bed,double Y30 per bed or Y50 per room). Currently quite some construction is going on in Langmusi and they are supposed to be mostly hotels. So expect more choices for places to stay in the near future.

Backpacker's Tips : Anne Lauritsen og Lars Kyhn Rasmussen, Denmark (July 02)
 Langmusi White Dragon Hotel has very dirty rooms, but apparently this is the norm for most of the hotels in Langmusi. Be sure to try the Yak burger at Leshas cafe (6Y). Before you go to Langmusi try to check the weather forecast, we had a snowstorm in late may and could not go further south from Langmusi because of the snow. Every other day there is a bus from Langmusi to Zoige leaving from the town. There are buses going north every morning around 7.00.

Backpacker's Tips :  Anonymous (Feb 02)
 A little hotel well managed by a young couple and its family : Langmusi White Dragon Hotel . Hot water every evening, showers and toilets very clean. Rooms for 4 to 6 persons : Y15-20 per person. After the renovation of the sanitary, the patron is now thinking about improving the rooms...

Backpacker's Tips :  Gregg Butenski (May 00)
 Langmusi Hotel is good. The place next door (to the right - i.e. closer to the main intersection) is not. Traveller's staying in the latter (Langmusi Guesthouse?) had stuff stolen out of their room. When they confronted the staff and threatened going to the police, their stuff reappeared. Be careful in these parts! It's a wonderful town  to visit but we also met a guy who had stuff stolen out of his pack while on the bus from Hezuo to Langmusi. Apprently the bus driver was in cahoots.
On the upside, Lesha and her husband make Lesha's Coffee Place one of the true gems of our travel experience.

How to come here and leave ?
  Langmusi is about 3km away from the road connecting Hezuo to Zoige. Except for the direct 7am bus to Hezuo, you will have to take a small truck to the bridge intersection (Langmuqiaotou) for Y2 (after negotiation) and wait for a bus there (see the table)

Bus Schedules :

To Price Type Duration Time Nb Freq.
Hezuo 30 big 4.5 7:00 1 na
Zoige 28 big 3 11 to 14:30 2/3 na

Notes : To Hezuo, also one bus coming from Zoige at the intersection at around 8:30 / To Zoige, buses at the intersection only

Backpacker's Tips : Blaise Fiedler, France (July 05)
Another fantastic stop. I recommend once you've visited all around Langmusi to rent a taxi and head for the very scenic village of TAWA (40 minutes from Langmusi) and then Flower Lake (another 1.5 h) - entry 20Y. Flower Lake is a very scenic grassland area, full of yaks and nomad tents not to mention the lake itself and its birds. We paid 150y for the taxi and we were 7 inside, that included all waiting. This is also the road to Songpan and Sichuan / if you want you can negotiate with the driverto continue all the way to Songpan - the full journey takes 11 hours (or 9 hours more after flower lake), is very dusty and bumby and should cost a total of 600y.  

Backpacker's Tips :  Shulamit, Israel (Dec 04)
Langmusi, actually it is Gansu province and not Sichuan as indicated [indeed! Corrections done!]. Sky buerial does not cost money! You just go (where the voltures fly in circles), you might need to be invited by the family if it exists (sky buerials usually start around 09:00AM).
Bus from Langmusi to Hoize costs 28Y and takes 3H. Bus from Zoige to Langmusi costs 16Y and takes 5H (when the road construction will be finished, it will take about 2H I guess)
Coming from Songpan: The bus to Zoige costs 46Y (including 1Y insurance - in Sichuan they just include it in the price of the ticket) and takes 7H (depart. 06:30AM). At 15:00 there there is a bus from Zoige to Langmusi (arriving 20:00)

Backpacker's Tips : Wang Xiaocong, China (September 03)
  Currently the road from Hezuo to Langmusi is in construction,causing the road to become very muddy. Because of this,the trip between the two places may last from 7h to 14h depending on the weather condition in the region,and in extreme cases due to heavy rain,not a single bus is able to make it through! Actually,when I traveled from Xiahe to Langmusi, I left on the 7:40 am bus for Hezuo,and managed to get to Langmusi by 9 pm. An American couple and a Belgian woman who stayed at the same guesthouse in Xiahe as I did (Tara GH,in fact) left for Langmusi 1.5h earlier than I did on the same day,and guess when they arrived in Langmusi? At midnight! 
Anyway,only one bus travelling between Hezuo and Langmusi in either direction is history: Now there are two maybe three buses running in either direction.When I was in Langmusi,I saw two buses to Hezuo (one departs at 7 am,the other departs a little later,price Y20),one bus to Linxia (departure 7:30 am),and one bus to Zoige (I don't know the departure time for that).I did not investigate the bus schedule for Hezuo,but I can say here that if you miss the bus to Langmusi, your options include taking a bus to either Zoige or Diebu and get off at "Langmuqiaotou".

The trip to Xiahe via Hezuo :
Minibus & Big Bus / SSS & SSSS / L / Y30 & Y7 / 4h30 & 1h45

The good news was that there was a direct bus leaving from the village and therefore no need to negotiate a price to go to the intersection. The bad news was that, insurance or not, the foreigners were charged double what the Chinese pay to travel at the same low speed in the same crowded minibus. We arrived in Hezuo at the second bus station, which has frequent and scheduled departures to Xiahe. Our big bus left with two laowai on board and reached destination also nearly empty.

See also trip from Zoige to Langmusi...