Sichuan Province's



Description : A small and dull Tibetan town

Comments : An obligatory stop over on your way to/from Songpan or Langmusi

What to do : Sleep, write a letter to your mother or, if nothing else to do, check the Lamasery

What you may not like : Having to stop here / Some "difficult" locals / The beggars / The confusing two bus stations

How long ? The less time possible

Where to stay ?

  • Zoige Hotel, on the right of the TV antenna, a white building with yellow windows / Dorm 25 in Dbl / Sgl occupancy 25Y / No shower / "Chinese style" toilets / 

  • Another hotel was also reported a bit down the street

How to leave ?  Considering the attractiveness of the place, you do not wish to miss your morning bus : First, you have to find from what bus station your bus will leave on that particular day. Second, buy the ticket in advance. Third, arrive a bit earlier as the schedules are not always respected (if you have already a ticket, they might wait for you but expect the worse)

Bus Schedules :

To Price Type Duration Time Nb Freq.
Songpan 62 big 6 to 7 6 to 6:30 1 na
Chengdu 118 big the day 6 to 6:30 1 na
Langmusi 56 ? 4 6 to 6:30 1 na

Notes : the bus to Langmusi is heading toward Hezuo (Y56, 10 hrs) / Buses leave alternatively from one of the bus station

Backpacker's Tips : Alice, Australia (Nov 07)
For travellers making a stop over in Ruoergai (Zoige) on a road trip between Songpan and Xiahe, there is a cute little teahouse called Nomad's home located in the pedestrian streets close to the western bus station. It has a nice atmosphere and seems to have less cigarette smoke

Backpacker's Tips : Alex, Canada (June 06)
As far as I could understand (and we asked a couple of persons) there is now only one bus station in Zoige, the one were the bus from Songpan drops you. 

The trip to Langmusi : Big Bus / SSSS / L / Y28 / 2.5 hrs

The adventure started at the bus station when I had the bad idea to ask the girl selling tickets to... sell me a ticket.  Things were a bit complicated by the fact that the bus going to Hezuo actually does not stop at Langmusi but at an intersection about 3 km before (Langmuqiaotou). This was enough to justify a "no bus to Langmusi !" which took me about 10mn of discussion to sort out. By this time, the girl was really pissed off and she really reluctantly agreed to sell me the ticket. So next time, please, be considerate : let her rest in peace !

Our 6:30 bus left at 6:20, quite empty but was soon to be filled by Tibetan monks who recited prayers and throw away "wind horses papers" from the bus window at the top of the mountain. We reached destination in a amazing 2 hours as the driver even refused to pick up some more passengers along the way. Once at the bridge intersection, a small truck brought us at scary speed to Langmusi for 2Y.  

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