Qinghai Province's


Global Mark : 11.78

Ratings by criteria : 

Charm Scenery Parks Culture Minor. Market Relax Fiesta 


4 3 1 2 4 2 3 2



Ratings by backpackers :

Surveyed Liked  Comeback  Recommend Range AVER.
2 100%  (2) 50%  (1) 100%  (2) 12 12.00

Description :
A fairly laid-back small multi-minorities town surrounded by impressive mountains

Comments : If you come from Xining, you will have no choice but to stop here on your way to Xiahe. From Xiahe, you can take on onward bus to Xining the same day but you might wish to spend the night here...

What to do : Visit the colorful monastery / From the top of the monastery, follow the small water path into the very green, relaxed and quite empty Tibetan village /  Watch a Kung Fu movie to see where the people from the village spend their afternoon / Scare some locals just by being here (apparently, they are not yet used to foreigners) /

What you may not like : The rubbish in the water / The black smoke emitted by some "dragsters" / The smell and smoke at the local "cinemas" /

How long ? Up to the next morning

Where to stay ? Bus Station hotel, inside the ticketing office / Dorm 10 (4) or 15 (3) in clean rooms / Correct Dble 25 / Good toilets / No shower /

Bus Schedules :  Insurance not requested

To Price Type Duration Time Nb Freq.
Xining 19 ordi 4 7:20 to 16 12 hour
Xiahe 12 ordi 5 8:00 1 na

The trip to Xining :
Minibus / SSSS / L & R / Y19 / 4 hrs

If leaving in the morning, you would better seat on the left to avoid the sun. This will also let you admire the rock mountain bathing in the light. For me, I had reserved the seat next to the driver (usually the no1). The Chinese sitting next to me tried very hard during the trip to get it back by smoking and touching my knee but I resisted up to the end. This trip also was a paranormal experience as the driver did not horn a single time ! You have to experience it to believe it ! You might not arrive at the Long-distance Bus Station but on Dazhong Jie, 20mn walk to the Train Station or by Bus No28 (Y0.5)

See also the trip from Xiahe to Tongren...