Tianjin Municipality's

by Xavier Ruste, France (Feb 02)

Global Mark : 12.11

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Charm Scenery Parks Culture Minor. Market Relax Fiesta 


5 1 2 3 1 4 2 2



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Description & comments ?
Tianjin is a big city with a lot of charm. As Shanghai, it has been a western concessions settlement place for around 40 years. It has kept many beautiful buildings from this era. Hardly renovated, these give the city an old half-Chinese, half European charm.

What to do ? Walk the old colonial district of Tianjin

What you may not like ? Modern, noisy, polluted city. Invaded by cheap clothes shops. The old culture street is artificial as the Chinese district was demolished long ago.

Where to eat ? Tianjin is famous for its food and restaurant. Gaobuli is famous for its baozi.

What to see/visit ? Visit the old culture street (gulou wenhua dajie) in the north of the city near the Chinese town / Go and visit the antique market in the morning only (closes around 2PM) / Eat the famous dumplings (baozi) at the Gaobuli restaurant / The city is full of beautiful old style-style buildings. Only way to see these : walk in central Tianjin. / South of the town centre is the Christian church... in Greek style. In this area is Nanjing road and its commercial centers. The Tianjin market is famous for its cheap clothes shop.

Transportation ? Express train Beijing-Tianjin, every hour. Y30. Takes average 1h30mn. Take Tianjin railway station, and not Tianjin West for town centre / From SHANGHAI, on the Beijing-Shanghai line. 14 to 20 hours. Price vary / Regular buses from Beijing to Tianjin (highway)

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