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South-West China made easy with the best scenery and lots of minorities
Center-West Natural wilderness plus Tibetan & Muslim cultures
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Backpackers' Survey  Rate : 13.36 /20 (up) Rank : 4 /11 (up)
Passplanet's Survey  Rate : 15.82 /20 Rank : 4 /14


>> Description ?  An impressive country with a unique culture to match and the most diverse scenery of Asia

>> Why go there ? Submerge yourself in a different world and relativate your own culture / Graduate as an Asian backpacker / Keep busy for a couple of months / Eventually make your own opinion about all the media fuss / Visit before the crowd / Test all the cheap local beers / 

>> Drawback ? The language barrier / The relative higher cost / The size of the place and time it takes to visit thoroughly / The apparent ruddiness of the Chinese people / The lack of good cheap beaches / 

>> Cultural Highlights ? Great Wall & Forbidden City (Beijing) / Buddhist Caves (Datong) / Terracotta warriors (Xi'an) / Minorities villages & traditions (Lijiang, Langmusi,...) / 

>> Natural Highlights ? Karsts Peaks (Yangshuo) / Rice Terraces (Guangxi & Yunnan) / Tiger Leaping Gorge (Yunnan Province) / Sacred Mountains / Sand dunes (Dunhuang) / 

>> How long ? You would need 5 months to see it all but a good tour can also be done in 2 months. 

>> Budget ? $20 per day (room) if traveling all around. But as low as $5 per day if retiring in a minority village...

>> Visa ? Required. 3 months tourist visa for about US$16 in Hong Kong. 

>> When to go ? Any time as it is big enough to find suitable weather in one part. Temperatures dip well below zero during winter in the north.  Very hot during summer. Best season = Autumn


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