The South of Cambodia


Global Mark : 11.21

Ratings by criteria : 

Charm Scenery Culture Market Relax Fiesta 


4 5 1 2 5 1 3 12.00

Ratings by backpackers :

Surveyed Liked  Comeback  Recommend  Range AVER.
12 75% (9) 67% (8) 67% (8) 5 to 19 10.42

Description : An abandoned seaside resort with atmosphere, lush jungle and tubes to rent. 

Comments : This place is very popular with locals on rest days but, let's face it, westerners can only be disappointed by the mainland beaches. Those are much nicer in Sihanoukville.

What to do ? Walk the few fishermen houses behind the market / Feel the past while looking at the ruins of the old villas / On week day, relax on the beach / On rest day, see how local people splash themselves / Rent an inner tube / Have your photo taken by the "mermaid" with legs / Feed monkeys, by hand or by hair / Explore the jungle / Degust barbecued calamari / Shop for souvenirs made of shell / Take a boat to much nicer beaches on Rabbit Island / Take a few days rest in one of the most relaxed GH of Cambodia / 

What you may not like ? The look of the beaches : small, rocky & dirty / Add "very busy" on Sundays and holidays / The cost of food (count on R4000 for a basic fried rice) / The empty town / The limited electricity, usually from 18 to 22 only / The kids asking for money / The cost of the boat to the island / Catching malaria there / 

How long ? A few hours to a few days to relax

Where to stay ? Most people visit Kep on a day tour from Kampot but there are now some good cheaper alternatives. Except when indicated, electricity run from 18 to 22 only. 

  • Le Bout Du Monde GH, huge round sign before taking the coastline road / A small house up by the jungle / Basic rooms w. shower & mosquito net R12000 (1) or R16000 (2) / French manager / Monkey hairdresser / All night light on battery / Go there simply to forget it all and do nothing but relax at the great panorama from the terrace / What you may not like : finding it full (5 rooms only and no possibility of reservation), the expensive restaurant (from R6000 "small" to R15000 ("large") and the relative isolation (but is it not the whole idea ?)
  • Seaside GH, just before reaching the coast / Basic rooms w. mosquito net $3, better rooms w. shower inside a modern house $6 / Go there while waiting for a room at the above or if you need more comfort.
  • Krong Kep Hotel, just after the beach areas / A big structure a bit off the road by the jungle / Fresh clean rooms w. shower but little charm $5 / Go there for the central location opposite the sea / What you may not like : the run-down ghostly look and the lack of English
  • Krong Keb GH, just after the hospital, before the market in the most lively part of town / Acceptable room w. shower $4-5 / Go there for the "liveliest" part of "town" and probably the cheapest food around

Where to eat ? With only a few expensive places shutting down early, Kep certainly does not keep up with Kampot. Seafood is however the specialty and freshness is guaranteed ! It might also be possible to get cheap basic food in the market area but it is 6km away from the recommended GH... 

A boat to the islands ? Le Bout Du Monde has got the cheapest boat to Rabbit Island : $10 for a small boat. Krong Keb GH was asking $15 while fishermen were requesting $15 to $20, depending on the distance. A day tour to all the islands would be much more pricey at around $50. / It should be possible to stay with a local family on Rabbit Island but prices will have to be negotiated in advance. Be prepared for very basic lodging & mosquitoes potentially carrying malaria. 

Going to Vietnam ? It is possible to reach Chau Doc in Vietnam via Kep and Ha tien. Check how to go for more details. Visa for Vietnam can be obtained in Sihanoukville 


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