Best of Action in Asia


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Best Dives / Snorkeling of Asia ?
No1 : El Nido, Palawan, Philippines
No2 : Ko Tao, Thailand
No3 :
Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

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Friendly Waters Dive Center, Singapore "Friendly! Reasonably priced. Good food ! Clean. Responsible dive center. I would definitely go back." (Ruth, Chinese)
Pulau Susu Dara (snorkeling), 7 km northwest Perhentian kecil, Pulau Perhentian, Malaysia "a lot of undestroyed reefs with easy access, good visibilities, sometimes strong current" (Achim Kneifel, Germany)
Gili Pentangan (snorkeling), islands near Labuhan Pandan/ Lombok, Indonesia "aside the masses, forests of hard corals" (Achim Kneifel, Germany)
Koh Similan, Similan islands, Thailand "Beautiful formations, cave dives, ledge dives. pelagics are prolific, esp. manta rays, black-tip sharks. islands are also beautiful" (George Schoneveld, Dutch)

Other proposals :
Puerto Galera, Philippines


Best Treks of Asia ?
No1 : Tiger Leaping Gorge, Yunnan Province, China
No2 : MacLehose Trail, New Territories, HK
No3 : Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

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Tai Shan, ShangDong, China "Back breaking. But after you've seen the sight from above, your life takes a new turn." (Ruth, Chinese)
Annapurna Trek, Phokhara, Nepal "all in one trek: high mountains, rice-fields, ice, dessert, a lot of different people, religion.. if you avoid the high season" (Achim Kneifel, Germany)
Climbing Gunung Rinjani, Lombok, Indonesia "incredible views into the caldera, really hard going to the top for 
sunset, scree-running from the top
" (Achim Kneifel, Germany)
Trekking in Ladakh, North-India, "Tibetan culture without Chinese, only possible with tents---> just few trekkers" (Achim Kneifel, Germany)
Muang Xing, North-West laos "Rugged and lush landscape, more authentic hill-tribes than Thailand. Less exploited. Comparatively strenuous trek. Surely sample the 'odd' local delicacies presented." (George Schoneveld, Dutch)

Other proposals :

Longsheng, China
Banaue, Philippines
Golden Rock, Kyaikto, Myanmar


Best Adventures of Asia ?
No1 : Camel Safari, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India
No2 : Horse Trek, Songpan, China
No3 : Hill Tribe Treks, Thailand

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Inner Mongolia, Hohhot, China "Quite the down to earth adventure, grasslands, Gobi desert, horse racing (you're the one racing) and Mongolian yurts plus goat milk." (Ruth, Chinese)
Public transport, Laos, Nepal, Ladakh... "landslides, a lot of animals, shopping old woman, locals staring at you, 
promised 3 hours becoming > 8 h...
" (Achim Kneifel, Germany)
The road between Laos and Vietnam, Savanakhet to Hue, "my bumpiest ride as of yet - tons of strange people on the bus, very strange atmosphere" (Maike, Germany)
Around Sapa, North-West Viet Nam "Go exploring on your own. Have a vague idea how you will go and let the locals guide the way when you are lost. A lot more fun without a guided group. Beautiful hill-tribe villages, ricefields, bamboo forests and karst mountains." (George Schoneveld, Dutch)

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Best Experiences of Asia ?
No1 : Vipassana Meditation Retreat, Wat Kow Tahm, Koh Pah-Ngan, Thailand
No2 : Kung Fu Training, Shaolin, China
No3 : Marrying a local girl ?

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Great Wall - Simatai peak, border between Hubei-Hunan, China "Remote, most dangerous. A Real experience. Hiking the ruins of the one mighty great wall. Camping in towers. Seeing the best view from atop the highest peak of the great wall. Definitively not the museum-like refinished Great Wall you'd expect (ie. Badaling)." (Ruth, Chinese)
Visiting & sleeping in some longhouse, Sarawak, Malaysia "traditional living and western style put together, impossible behavior from some travelers" (Achim Kneifel, Germany)
Train Battambang - Phnom Phen, Cambodia "One of my greatest experiences in SEA. Take this train that departs
every 2 days which serves more as a cargo train. Average speed is 18km/h. Very few foreigners and great interaction with locals. note: this train hardly resembles your customary train, 18km/h appears too fast already.
" (George Schoneveld, Dutch)

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Best Fiesta of Asia ?
No1 : Any place with friends
No2 : Wanchai, HK
No3 : ??

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Boat Quay, Singapore "It's where the party's at"  (Ruth, Chinese)
Steam bath, Luang Prabang, Laos "sweating, drinking tea, chatting with locals" (Achim Kneifel, Germany)
Hat Rin, Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand "Nothing like a party at Hat Rin beach. Barefoot dancing on the beach with the infamous bucket of joy as a companion. The Full Moon party is like an ordinary night, but a lot busier. " (George Schoneveld, Dutch)

Other proposals :

Lan Kwai Fong, HK
Yangshuo, Guangxi Province, China
Full Moon Party, Ko Pha-Ngan, Thailand
Patpong, Bangkok, Thailand


Best Relaxations of Asia ?
No1 : Chengyang Village, Guangxi Province, China
No2 : Awi's Yellow House, Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia
No3 : Any head massage...

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Waecicu beach, near Labuan bajo/ Flores, Indonesia "beach, sea, simple huts, nice surroundings..." (Achim Kneifel, Germany)
Lonely beach, Koh Chang, Thailand "You'll know when you see this beach, esp. Tree House Lodge. Great food, people and relatively undeveloped. A 1 hour boat ride to Koh Wai will bring you to devinity itself, the quintessential paradise! Nothing more than a few huts and a restaurant, perfect to just chill. " (George Schoneveld, Dutch)

Other proposals :

Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China
Pai, Thailand
Old Muang Ngoi, Laos
Hoi An, Vietnam
Hsipaw, Myanmar